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zz IMG_1630 (1)I own a Jeep and there is a tradition among Jeep owners to wave to one another when we pass each other on the highway.  I don’t know many of these people, if any at all, but what brings us together is a love for a vehicle in which many of us express our lifestyle.  Mine is more off-roader than daily driver.  Some people prefer something to cruise in and turn up the radio with the top down.  Maybe for some it is simply a long-time dream to own a Jeep.  In any case, I wave at all the Jeeps that come my way and even if the drivers or passengers don’t wave back, I am upholding my end of the tradition.

It is assumed then, that as a fellow Jeep owner, you have bought into the tradition.  For some, they won’t wave unless your Jeep is modified. These people assume that if you haven’t done anything other than buy a Jeep, you aren’t worthy of a wave.  Maybe I should only wave at red Jeeps or lifted Jeeps, but I don’t discriminate- you are part of my world and I acknowledge it.  I am also aware that some people who drive Jeeps aren’t very nice people.  I wouldn’t necessarily know- I’m just passing them on the road. But I make the assumption they are with me and I wave.

I’m a member of other cultures and I acknowledge them as well.  This morning at breakfast, I saw someone with a fire department shirt and asked him if he was on the job (he was).  I see someone walking their dog while I walk my own dog, and I acknowledge them.  I’m not deciding on their worth as a human, I’m just being nice, sharing what a great day it is, or recognizing they are putting it on the line like I am.

Maybe its time for people to stop looking at the categorization of others and consider we are all human and all members of a club.  We should be a little less angry and a little more patient.  We should not react to what the media prods us into believing, but assume the real story is not completely uncovered yet.  We should all allow for the fact that we are all fallible and we all make mistakes.

Even if it is just for an hour a day, we have to reverse where we are right now. The noise is just way too high right now and people are getting killed over it.  Before reacting, let’s all step back from the edge and think about where that next step is going to take us before we launch into someone.  I’m as bad as everyone else- I’m going to try.  Let’s try together.

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  • Peter Lupkowski says:

    It’s difficult not to pigeon hole each person we meet. Through interaction and experience we develop an internal process to account for the things we find idiosyncratic about others. Yet each day I encounter people that feel the need to react overtly to these perceived differences.
    No longer are we content with “give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses.” Our melting pot has become a TV dinner that we hope to keep frozen and separated the way it is now. I am concerned about our collective futures, but am optimistic enough to continue to try. Thanks and I’ll wave from my GMC, even if you don’t have your shirt on or your dog with you.

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