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Compassionate Leadership

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I was reviewing an article on about compassionate leadership today. While I tend to resist what is “trendy” regarding leadership, the traits that author Margie Warrell shares as a best practice are really time-tested ones. Her article points out that mindful and compassionate leadership actually expands your own creativity, memory, and attention, and decreases stress. […]

Real World Leadership

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A zen saying goes roughly like this: “The use of the wheel is where all the spokes form to make the hole.” Another: “The most useful part of a bowl is the empty space within.”  As a leader, my role hasn’t been to necessarily build things, but to facilitate the best in the people I […]

Ending or Beginning?

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I was given an opportunity to retire after 35 years on the job and pursue some new challenges. “Retirement” is nebulous to me.  All that term means right now is closing this chapter and moving to the next. But the timing is such that I found myself questioning, “When do I really pull the trigger?” […]