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Michael “Mick” Mayers retired in 2017 as an executive-level chief officer from a well-known all-hazard response organization and as a command officer on several federal incident management teams. His experience as a leader in emergency services led him to create and write the award-nominated blog FirehouseZen.com, a well-known website reflecting on leadership and change management.

Chief Mayers was a founder and the past Director of South Carolina’s urban search and rescue program. A graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program, Chief Mayers completed his degree in Organizational Leadership from Columbia Southern University and holds a degree in Fire Science Technology from Savannah Technical College. These reinforce his national professional certifications as a fire officer, instructor, hazardous materials technician, and SCUBA instructor; Mick was also a National Registry Paramedic and EMT Instructor for 25 years before finally retiring those credentials. Chief Mayers began his emergency services career in Bridgeport, PA in 1980.

In 2015, Mick was appointed by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to the South Carolina Firefighter Mobilization Committee and served until 2019. He served the International Association of Fire Chiefs as a member of the Editorial Board for IAFC’s On Scene magazine; the National Fire Protection Association as a committee member and Chairman of NFPA 1006, Professional Qualifications for Technical Rescuers; and as a member of the NFPA Professional Qualifications Technical Correlating Committee. Chief Mayers is one of the founders and past Board Vice-Chairman of the State Urban Search and Rescue Alliance, a consortium of US&R teams from over 40 states, which has been an advocate for the rescue industry since 2005. During his career Chief Mayers also served on the faculties of the South Carolina Fire AcademyThe Technical College of the Lowcountry, and still teaches for the University of North Carolina – Charlotte’s Fire Rescue Management Institute and their EMS Management Institute.

Among many commendations, Mick received his department’s Meritorious Service Medal in 1984 and again in 2009. In 2005, Chief Mayers was recognized by the South Carolina State Senate for his work developing the South Carolina US&R program and then honored later that year by the South Carolina Department of Fire and Life Safety for leading SC-TF1 into service in St. Tammany and St. Bernard Parishes (Louisiana) after Hurricane Katrina.  Chief Mayers served many years as a special operations program manager and has held command positions during response to many national disasters, national security events, and in protective details for several Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the United States.

Now after his 40th year in the fire service, Mick serves as a civilian firefighter and EMT on a military installation, staying in touch with the job he loves. On his “off” days, Mick is a professional kayak guide and is a USCG licensed Master Captain.  He has also served many local non-profit organizations as a board member and is the co-founder and Vice-President of Caroline & Friends, a non-profit established as an advocate for persons with Down syndrome and their families. Chief Mayers is a native of Montgomery County, PA and lives on Hilton Head Island with his daughters Emma, Caroline, and Honora. He is a fourth-generation career firefighter; his father is a retired Fire Chief and Fire Marshal, his brother is a fire investigator and arson task force leader in the Baltimore-Washington region.

Chief Mayers is available only on a very limited basis for speaking engagements or other consultation as his busy schedule permits; for more information, e-mail him at firehousezen@gmail.com


  • WILL says:




  • Cool website Chief Mayers!

    My name is Mike Benefield, I am the Chief of the Canyon Country Fire Zone- US Bureau of Land Management here in Moab, Utah. Keep up the good work!

  • Minister says:

    My name is Mike Benefield, I am the Chief of the Canyon Country Fire Zone- US Bureau of Land Management here in Moab, Utah. Keep up the good work!

  • Dan Macakanja says:

    Hey Mick,

    I’m not sure if you’ll remember me or not from back when I was on FFN, but I want you to know I read your stuff all the time and appreciate your knowledge and skill. Thank you for the work that you do.

    (Formerly of Hancock Hope)

  • truck6alpha says:


    No, I remember you. I appreciate the kind words and hope that you find some of my ramblings useful. But as I say all the time, I think many out there also have much of value to share and I hope to hear from you often as well. Thanks again-


  • Mike Perrone says:

    My name is Mike Perrone, I am a 29 year veteran of the FDNY at Ladder 175 in Brooklyn, NY and inventor of the Multi-Force Forcible Entry Door System. I believe some of the information below will be very useful for your training blog and I am a big fan of your site and its content.

    I put up some training tips online of some forcible entry techniques I developed and demonstrated on my door.

    There are 3 training tips on YouTube found here:

    My door, which teaches all types of forcible entry, can be found here:

    Thank You And Be Safe,


  • Love the site, keep up the good work and stay safe!
    -Rich @ How to become a firefighter

  • Nixon Press says:

    Hi Mick, great blog. I work as a consultant in loss prevention and fire protection engineering. In our line of work a lot of our focus is on protecting the property and focusing on sprinkler adequacy.

    As I conduct numerous property visits, are there any ongoing issues that you find when you respond to fire emergency at different plant and residential occupancies? Any insight would be great.

  • scott blandford says:

    Mr.Myers I would like say I have the up most respect for your services. My father inlaw Joe Houston was a fire cheif in fort lauderdale fl. My brother inlaw A Scott Mc GARY is still active in sunrise fl.I recently opened a restoration company in bridgeport being new to the area is tough. I would love to get invoved and support the fire companies. any ideas,would be appreciated.Thank you

  • Jeff Young says:

    I’m a fairly new officer on a paid on call department in Michigan. I enjoy all of your articles and always look forward to them. Your to the point style helps greatly with my struggles to lead my personnel and other officers. Thank you for passing on your knowledge and guidance!

  • matia sooqosoqo says:

    thanks chief for sharing what u"ve learnt  with evry firefighter that reads your blog.it is indeed educational n very enlightening for evry firefighter..keep it up n keep it cooming chief.God bless n Take care from the Fiji Islands…
    Island firefighter….

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  • Jose Nochea says:

    Great blog.  Please visit nocheafirerescue.tumblr.com for some more innovative ideas needed in the fire service.

  • Mick, nice blog and I appreciate what you are doing here and the approach you are taking. If you have something in terms of a presentation you'd like to share with us at Utah Valley University, the link below is our call for papers. This is an opportunity for emerging scholar-practitioners to present their intellectual work in a peer-reviewed academic conference.
    Thank you, it would be nice to have you out here.
    Dr. Rodger Broome – Department Chair

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