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Know Your Enemy

By looking at oursleves from the eyes of an adversary, you can examine weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Having identified those, you can grow from there.

The Right Stuff

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There is a profound need to make sure the people we bring in not only have read and signed a memo telling them what our ethics happen to be, but that they LIVE these ethics.

A Waste Of Time

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I see the failure in my own interface with the situation, and I see the failures in many others who permitted the condtion to occur, knowingly or not.

There’s A Secret To Success

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There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. People need help because they lack the resources to solve a problem, be it knowledge, tools, ability, or some other issue.

Zen Zone #40

Half of the battle in leading is knowing ourselves best.

Okay, It’s 2012: Now What?

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Any time you have a problem with someone, it really helps to reflect on the situation and ask yourself if there was a possibility you had something to do with that problem.

2012: “What If?”

What if in 2012 we said “What if?” a lot more?

Wishing You All The Happiest of Holidays!

From the crew of Firehouse Zen (me), and our family (that would be my family), we hope you have an outstanding Christmas and a successful New Year!

Merry Christmas – A Call to Lead

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Profound belief, even in complete contradiction to science, has proven to be miraculous.

Zen Zone #39

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“Do I look like a cat to you boy? Am I jumpin’ around all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree? Am I drinking milk from a saucer? DO YOU SEE ME EATING MICE?”

Zen Zone #38

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Giving freely of oneself without any expectation of recieving something in return is at the core of all the world’s greatest teachings.

Zen Zone #37

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The wise master teaches more through being than doing. Leading often requires us to be still and listen.

Zen Zone #36

What form do you provide to create energy?

What I Thought It Would Really Be About

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When I signed onto what was then a fledgling internet forum on fire serivce issues, I imagined a place on line similar to some of the think-tank type collaborations I have at times, found myself participating in.

Defending Against Bullies

There are those who are laughing at us, thinking we are too dumb to do anything about cutting our benefits, laying off brothers, closing up fire stations. But hey, let’s not raise the spectre of changing things because that wouldn’t be “patriotic”.

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