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Zen Zone #30

When you are challenged with a problem, it always helps to maintain perspective.

9/11: “Devoted To Duty Above Personal Risk”

We understand that there comes a time to grow up, and the right thing to do is to put away the childish ways and become a real man, with responsibility and dignity.

Zen Zone #29

Open your eyes to the suffering and help those who need it most.

Swedish Message, Part 2

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For a group of people who pride themselves on being professional at their craft, we have a little to be desired when it comes to taking care of business in the manner in which it should be done.

Do It Right The First Time

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Take a moment to ditch the emotion and be the professionals you are. Do the right thing the first time.

Here’s Something To Be Mad About

For all of you who scream insanely when a firefighter is missing his gloves on a Dave Statter video, why don’t you get mad about this?

A Swedish Massage (or is it message?)

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I see rational individuals presented with particular situations and instead of reacting to them rationally, they relate to them emotionally instead.

Zen Zone #26

Either hit me or don’t hit me, but let’s not drag this out for a few weeks as I have little patience for drama.

Restricted Vision

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Sometimes we become so completely absorbed that we may be paralyzed due to that restricted sightline.

Zen Zone #25

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Only after being faced with hardship and making it through do you realize that these challenges fortify you for any battles ahead.

Zen Zone #24

I am traveling. I am on my way to Colorado to teach a course on truck company operations, about an hour outside of Denver for Task Force 1, Inc.  Whenever I am traveling, especially by air, I marvel at how inconsiderate some travelers can be toward others.  I guess like other things, it's all about […]

Zen Zone #23

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Before we judge anyone, we have to first understand.

Crying For Help

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It’s easy to be smug about how good your life is when things are going well.

Zen Zone #22

I’m pretty sure that Man is the only creature that, having not gotten his way, destroys in the name of retribution.

Zen Zone #21

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If you make decisions based on what is best for the customers you serve, you can’t go wrong.

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