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An Atmosphere of Growth

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I doubt any of the haters are reading this, so I doubt it will have much impact, but perhaps, maybe it will.

Zen Zone #20

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You should not have a favorite tactic or weapon. To become over-familiar with one method is as much a fault as not knowing it sufficiently well.

Zen Zone #19

I actually do have a sense of humor, although it tends to be on the dark and dry side.

It’s Official- Our Government Is Broken

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Here’s news for you: You all screwed it up. WE screwed it up.

Zen Zone #18

Taking a break to be a little more civil, less intemperate, or more willing to consider other perspectives sounds like a good one to me.

Zen Zone #17

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The one who acts first creates the momentum for their own destruction.

Not Lovin’ It

Lest you think this blog has gone to the evaluation of restaurants, this is actually a discussion on customer service. So pay attention.

Zen Zone #16

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Ego and pride continue to be evident in the poor decisions made by politicians, celebrities, the wealthy, and “leaders” in general.

Zen Zone #15

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A great warrior decided to attack the enemy although he had only a fraction of the number of men the opposition commanded. He knew that he would win, but his soldiers were in doubt.

The Middle Way

Unless you have all the power to force change in the hearts and minds of others (and you don’t), you will have to understand that consensus and acceptance is necessary for peace.

Zen Zone #14

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We are not alone in this existence. We should approach every action with mindful consideration, realizing that every action also has a reaction.

Zen Zone #13

Let go of the past and look forward. You can’t improve on what was, but you can always make the future better by being there for it.

Zen Zone #12

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There is a time when decisions must be made.

Zen Zone #11

“Thus the intelligent think because of this; the mettlesome fight because of this.”

Zen Zone #10

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Before we engage others, we must first engage ourselves.

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