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This Flag Was Raised On The Blood of Our Brothers

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This Independence Day, let’s remember our brother firefighters who every day put it on the line for this Nation. God Bless each of you and keep you safe. KTF-FTM-PTB

Leadership That Matters, Part 22: The Ballistics of Change

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The way in which you deal with the pain of change might involve the amount of pain, your tolerance to pain, and how much the pain affects those around you.

Leadership That Matters, Part 21

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In emergency services, too many problems are treated alike: we are in the business of responding to disasters. Usually, though, those disasters are not OUR disasters.

Leadership That Matters, Part 20

In celebration of the 20th installment of this series, Firehouse Zen presents to you a little message from the Dalai Lama.

Leadership That Matters, Part 19

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Being a leader is very much like being a responsible parent, or rather, it is EXACTLY like being a responsible parent.

Back From A Short Italian Hiatus

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My wife and I got back Thursday from a whirlwind tour of Northern Italy which included stops in Milan, Florence, Venice, and Trieste.

Leadership That Matters, Part 18

By taking the time to explain the bigger picture, you not only show others what the true issue is, but you educate them in the process.

Leadership That Matters, Part 17

The only way to develop transformational leaders is to demonstrate that you value transformational leaders.

LTM, Part 15 Continued

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I can teach you to be a better firefighter. I can teach you to be a better medic. I can’t teach you to have a better attitude.

Leadership That Matters, Part 15: The Bag of Tricks

Altruistic behavior on your part is great, but for it to be transformational requires the recipient to have a clue.

Leadership That Matters, Part 14

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A good leadership model starts with eliminating the “blame” culture, instead, creating a culture where errors and mistakes are used constructively to create learning.

Leadership That Matters, Part 13: Ironies

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Situational irony occurs when the actions someone takes have an effect exactly the opposite of what was intended.

Leadership That Matters, Part 12

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If altruistic leadership makes so much sense, if it would create goodwill and cause others to act positively, why is it so hard to do? It’s like the difference between eating a donut and eating a steak.

One More Award at Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue

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One of the primary things we say to guide our people is to always “Do the right thing”. We do what it takes to make our “customers” happy.

Leadership That Matters, Part 10: In Someone Else’s Shoes

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Our personal mission must be to exceed at helping people when they need help. Why they call us is pretty much immaterial; if they didn’t need help, they wouldn’t have called for it.

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