Firefighting Today Hangout

fftodayAn endeavor Chief Mayers gladly joined into with fellow fire service leader and blogger Chief Peter Lamb, in the Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable, these two, as well as many others, meet once a week to talk about contemporary fire service issues.

Join them live or go and check out some of the past episodes.  Mick and Peter meet online at 8:00 PM Eastern, every Sunday night.


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  • Bostonfire says:

    Why is it that when members of the public want to initiate a great lifesaving program, Fire Chiefs ignore them and will only work with FF’s? I know a former Air Force medic who is really trying her best to initiate a Pulse Point AED program in New England, but none of the Chiefs will even acknowledge her existence or even reply to her letters or phone calls. She has been nothing but respectful and courteous, and feels that because she is a woman, she is being pushed to the wayside. I have tried to do what I could to help, but none of the chiefs will listen to her. I happen to agree with her that it is a fantastic idea and will save thousands of lives. What advice can I give her as a 10 yr veteran of the FF service?

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