Change Your Mind

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The growers of Brussels sprouts may not agree with me, but Brussels sprouts don’t have feelings. People do.


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Incident commanders should dictate the conditions, not permit the conditions to dictate to us.

Your Altruism Is Hereby Noted

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I am constantly surprised at the discussions on “pay to spray”. By now, we should have done something about it or stop acting so surprised when it happens again.

Next Man Up

It is necessary for not only officers to show leadership, but everyone, all the way to the probie on their first shift.

Another Lesson To Be Learned – More of What You Don’t Want To Hear

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Making the right decisions as a warrior back then were essential; failure was considered a humiliation that could only be rectified by seppuku.

“What You Need” Continues

I am under the influence of cough medicine and other antihistamines, so I’m going to do something stupid.

Project “Viral Likes”

This is a reasonable, easy, and cheap resolution you can add for 2013 that is positive and will help others. Don’t just talk the talk; walk the walk.


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Right now, we need all the luck we can get.

What You Want vs. What You Need

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It isn’t what the chiefs are doing to the fire service, but what the economy, education, technology and the political will of the elected is doing to the fire service.

Unspeakable Pain

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The answer is to not give these individuals the reward they seek.

Going To The Source – A Manifesto

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Let’s have a healthy discussion about what makes our industry tick.

Blame First

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An integral part of just leadership requires an appreciation for the whole story, not just the part you want to hear.

Looking Toward The Horizon

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Returning to your ultimate vision requires some serious challenges to your frame of mind.

The Spirit of Brotherhood

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Skip the Black Friday Waffle Iron Riots and read this. Then share it. It’s much more important. Trust me.

It’s Thanksgiving

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As Zhuge Liang told his students, “Understand not only the martial but the arts and the humanities.”

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