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It’s Thanksgiving

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As Zhuge Liang told his students, “Understand not only the martial but the arts and the humanities.”

Mourning The Loss of Free Speech, Ham-Handed Chiefs, and How We Got Here

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Shouldn’t the municipalities involved in such activities consider the reason why these situations occur?

Vision Quest

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“The Principle of Priority states (a) you must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important, and (b) you must do what’s important first.” – Steven Pressfield

Something To Think About

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Leadership requires the development of balance.

True Power Can’t Be Kept

Real leaders don’t fear empowering their followers.

Siege Mentality

If you have ever tried to open a closed oyster with your bare hands, you can probably guess that changing someone’s mind is going to be a lot like that.

As With All Things Zen

As an educator, coach, mentor, and supervisor of those who serve the public, I wonder sometimes about the motivation of my charges.

Somos Una Hermandad – – En Español

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Mientras yo hablar y leer algunos españoles, que hablar y leer un poco.

Too Much of a Good Thing

A plethora, to those of you who care about such things, is not simply a large amount of something, but an amount so large it becomes undesirable.

The Reality Is This…

Here in the United States there are a distressing number of loudmouths who strongly believe, and use whatever bully pulpit they have at hand, to trash emergency service organizations.

We Shall Never Forget

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In the eleven years that have passed since that day, what have we achieved?


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If I asked you to determine if someone was having an MI by looking at one lead of a cardiac monitor, could you do it?

Tell Me If This Applies To You

It’s hard to envision something as being a reality when it’s not even in your vision.


The credibility we gain from professionalism creates good will and that good will translates directly into public support.

Time To Clean Up

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We may be the most professional individuals in our departments, but tolerating unethical behavior is, as the Code of Ethics points out, tantamount to endorsing it as acceptable.

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