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Being First Versus Being Right

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We are in such a hurry to get it first that we fail to get it right.

The Yield of Pressure

I wonder too, with that much pressure, how much is destroyed in achieving the result?

History Lesson: From Scott’s Campaign on Mexico City

The next time you are faced with adversity, instead of getting mad and becoming combative, ask yourself if there is another approach.

No Fun Here

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Since I have made chief, I find things aren’t as funny as they were when I was a company officer.

The Emergency Service Information Xchange (E-SIX)

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What is E-SIX?

Paula Deen: Getting The Shaft or What She Deserves?

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Why are we discussing Paula Deen? Because this case is appropriate to leading and change management in the Internet age.

I’m Telling You, Don’t Go There…

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“A fire can happen anywhere, and a fire station is not immune”.

Happy Day After Father’s Day

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We should do things with the end goal of serving the public to the finest extent possible.

Stand Up Against The Bullies

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“A society is judged by how it takes care of its most vulnerable”.

Embrace Fear

If you are one of these guys that has a “I Fight What You Fear” t-shirt, this post is probably not for you.

What Are Your Plans For When Things Change?

The paranoid and the reactionary prohibit the possibility of this happening anytime soon in the US.

Learning an Unintended Lesson From FDNY

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Even though I have been doing the job myself for years, there were still little nuances about certain things that I could learn, or had forgotten over time.

Time To Get Uncomfortable

I harbor serious concerns when individuals with the responsibility to protect the vulnerable underestimate risk and disaster comes calling.

Going From Here To There

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I want to know and expose best practices for those who are in the path of growing into leadership and change management.

The Culture of Hate

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Individuals don’t have time to think; they want to be told what to think.

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