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As With All Things Zen

As an educator, coach, mentor, and supervisor of those who serve the public, I wonder sometimes about the motivation of my charges.

Somos Una Hermandad – – En Español

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Mientras yo hablar y leer algunos españoles, que hablar y leer un poco.

Too Much of a Good Thing

A plethora, to those of you who care about such things, is not simply a large amount of something, but an amount so large it becomes undesirable.

The Reality Is This…

Here in the United States there are a distressing number of loudmouths who strongly believe, and use whatever bully pulpit they have at hand, to trash emergency service organizations.

We Shall Never Forget

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In the eleven years that have passed since that day, what have we achieved?


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If I asked you to determine if someone was having an MI by looking at one lead of a cardiac monitor, could you do it?

Your Firehouse Zen Meme of the Moment – Austerity For All, Volume 2

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If the politicians and the haters have their way, this could be in your future. And if this post doesn’t succeed, it will be in your past.

Your Firehouse Zen Meme of the Moment – Austerity For All, Volume 1

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Thanks to the popularity of our “McKayla’s Not Impressed” post on Facebook, thought perhaps you’d like some of these more often.

Tell Me If This Applies To You

It’s hard to envision something as being a reality when it’s not even in your vision.


The credibility we gain from professionalism creates good will and that good will translates directly into public support.

Time To Clean Up

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We may be the most professional individuals in our departments, but tolerating unethical behavior is, as the Code of Ethics points out, tantamount to endorsing it as acceptable.

Dumpster Fire

Dumpster Fire, defined by the Urban Dictionary: Slightly better than a train wreck. Something difficult that nobody wants to deal with.


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It is the humility that some of our athletes express that endear them to us and make us proud they represent our nation.

Beating Up On Others

Professionalism infers a level of competency, but it also includes a level of behavior that includes restraint and decorum.

Keep Your Adversary Close

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In warfare, if you underestimate your adversary, you are setting yourself up to fail. Likewise, in the arena of public opinion.

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