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It Is So Smoky That…

It could be worse: it could smell like Jakarta. But the good news is that this is NOT auto exhaust and smog, or the smell of burning garbage, or even better, roast tire. So if you have your own observation, feel free to share.

Zen Zone #2

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Brain food for Mongo.

Thought For The Day

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Something to think about.

The Prankster As Leader – It Doesn’t Work

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Officers who engage in practical joking with their subordinates are only asking for reciprocation; the biggest downside is that reaction may come at the time you least want it to.

Grow Up

Grow up. Fun doesn’t come unless you earn it. You can have fun all day long, but in the end, if you haven’t accomplished anything, you’re just one more clown among many.

You Can Quote Me On That (Before 2010)

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I was driving down the road the other day and thinking, you know, I too could have a list of quotes, just like the real writers have. So in the interest of filling up a page of useless knowledge, I did.

The Antidote To Road Rage

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Who among us has not experienced anger at the inconsiderate moron who fails to pull to the right when we are well behind them, permitting us a free lane on the way to some emergency?

A Belated Father’s Day Tribute

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Bad behavior, regardless of fun plans and the desire to kiss and make up, must have consequences. To not have consequences invites repeated poor performance.

How Can You Know What Is “Better”?

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Your department could be a shining example of excellence in your area. But really, how do you know if you are doing anything significant, or innovative, or even RIGHT if you don’t benchmark against other comparable organizations?

Scary Rhetoric and Hypocrisy

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People love to hate hypocrites. And in this day and age where so many people are looking for heroes, when we get it wrong, we get it wrong in a big way.

It’s Been Busy

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I have been struggling trying to find a special something to put in my blog, like the Weekly Weasel or the Microcoaching ideas. I spent a lot of time, a month almost, trying to figure that out. Then today I realized, it’s not what Firehouse Zen is about.


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Complacency is a subject that seems to surface repeatedly in our business, a business that requires constant vigilance. It strikes all of us at one point or another. The cure, sadly enough, seems to be getting stung.

Letting Go

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Our job is stressful enough without our adding unnecessary baggage to our day.

New Section: “Microcoaching”

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“Microcoaching” was a term that came to me out of the blue. I had never seen or heard the term used before, but since it sounded almost too good of a word to have not been used before somewhere.

Welcome To Hilton Head Island

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The masses have converged on our department headquarters for the weekend.

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