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Zen Zone #5

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Put ideas together today.

Zen Zone #4

Don’t waste your opportunities.

Zen Zone #3

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New perspective to old issues.

Zen Zone #2

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Brain food for Mongo.

The Prankster As Leader – It Doesn’t Work

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Officers who engage in practical joking with their subordinates are only asking for reciprocation; the biggest downside is that reaction may come at the time you least want it to.

The Disincentive for Responsible Reporting (Tax and Spend Socialists)

When I decide to offend, I think I’m an equal opportunity offender, because like I stated, I’m not a proponent of either camp. I think for myself.

Stuck In The Past

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When your organization is experiencing such dysfunction that it is obvious even to the newest recruit, then how clueless are you to insist that everything is coming up roses?

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