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Leadership That Matters, Part 12

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If altruistic leadership makes so much sense, if it would create goodwill and cause others to act positively, why is it so hard to do? It’s like the difference between eating a donut and eating a steak.

Leadership That Matters, Part 11

Some people don’t even realize they need help, and instead of pointing at them and laughing, we should be showing them the way toward enlightenment.

Leadership That Matters, Part 10: In Someone Else’s Shoes

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Our personal mission must be to exceed at helping people when they need help. Why they call us is pretty much immaterial; if they didn’t need help, they wouldn’t have called for it.

Leadership That Matter, Part 9

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If we can’t put people together and work with them, we are no more an effective emergency services team than is dumping a load of building materials on a job and calling it a house.

Leadership That Matters, Part 8

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The only way you will achieve this ability to lead with altrusistic values is to do it yourself and make it a hallmark of your leadership.

Leadership That Matters, Part 7

There will come a time when you need your charges to dig deep, to exert themselves in a way you can’t compensate. In a quid pro quo existence, when you really challenge your followers, if you can’t reward them now, you will have to pay them later.

Leadership That Matters, Part 6

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It is all very much contextual as to what is and isn’t valuable and sacrificial when it comes to the actions we consider altruistic.

Leadership That Matters, Part 5

Only the winner wins; second place is the “first loser”.

Leadership That Matters, Part 4

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What is good for the team is good for us as individuals. Alone, we may survive, but as a unit, we survive and lessen the effort on us all through cooperation.

Leadership That Matters, Part 3

We are all interconnected, and by that very reason, we stand to benefit by practicing more understanding behavior toward others. What benefits all of us, benefits every one of us.

Leadership That Matters, Part 2

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Leadership implies that we have something that others don’t have. We can use it for good. Or we can use it to our own advantage. And in that, it requires a choice.

Leadership That Matters, Part 1

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We talk about the “supreme sacrifice” and wear shirts that say, “We fight what you fear.” We tell people that our bond is based on “brotherhood’. These are all words that suggest a higher calling.

Don’t Raise Your Voice Unless You Are Willing To Raise Your Fists

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Even if you coat a hand grenade with sugar, it’s still gonna hurt when you pull the pin and hand it to someone else.

The Hypocrisy of Our “Leaders”

Despite what our “leaders” say on both sides of the issues, this isn’t an “us versus them” issue. This is an issue of who survives and who does not.

Zen Zone #42

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Our life on this earth is dependent upon a chain of others, and we depend on each element of that chain.

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