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Occupy Your Life

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The reality is that those in our government on both sides have failed us, and those extremes that have driven our agendas on both sides are more about themselves and less about the rest of us.

Zen Zone #34

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It is one thing to create art, it is yet another to create art that inspires others to create art.

Firehouse Zen in Philadelphia at Liberty Regional Training Event

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I actually used to sneak into the movie theatre that is in the hotel complex downstairs from the convention center.

Technology Brings Us Together

The thought of having such accessibility to others is always fascinating to me.

Zen Zone #33

Never get so locked into any idea that you can’t back off of it later in the interests of the bigger picture.

Zen Zone #32

Even when faced with adversity, understand your adversary, maintain your composure, obtain perspective, and open your mind to opportunities that may not be readily obvious.

Zen Zone #31

Perhaps in these challenging days we should focus some energy on helping solve local problems.

Zen Zone #30

When you are challenged with a problem, it always helps to maintain perspective.

Zen Zone #29

Open your eyes to the suffering and help those who need it most.

Zen Zone #28

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There has to be a koan somewhere about the Zen Master who was the least likely to take his own advice.

Zen Zone #26

Either hit me or don’t hit me, but let’s not drag this out for a few weeks as I have little patience for drama.

Zen Zone #23

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Before we judge anyone, we have to first understand.

Zen Zone #22

I’m pretty sure that Man is the only creature that, having not gotten his way, destroys in the name of retribution.

Zen Zone #21

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If you make decisions based on what is best for the customers you serve, you can’t go wrong.

Zen Zone #20

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You should not have a favorite tactic or weapon. To become over-familiar with one method is as much a fault as not knowing it sufficiently well.

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