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Zen Zone #19

I actually do have a sense of humor, although it tends to be on the dark and dry side.

Zen Zone #18

Taking a break to be a little more civil, less intemperate, or more willing to consider other perspectives sounds like a good one to me.

Zen Zone #17

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The one who acts first creates the momentum for their own destruction.

Zen Zone #16

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Ego and pride continue to be evident in the poor decisions made by politicians, celebrities, the wealthy, and “leaders” in general.

Zen Zone #15

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A great warrior decided to attack the enemy although he had only a fraction of the number of men the opposition commanded. He knew that he would win, but his soldiers were in doubt.

Zen Zone #14

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We are not alone in this existence. We should approach every action with mindful consideration, realizing that every action also has a reaction.

Zen Zone #13

Let go of the past and look forward. You can’t improve on what was, but you can always make the future better by being there for it.

Zen Zone #11

“Thus the intelligent think because of this; the mettlesome fight because of this.”

Zen Zone #10

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Before we engage others, we must first engage ourselves.

Zen Zone #9

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If you aren’t actively professing your allegiance toward the organizational mission, then you are effectively working against it.

Zen Zone #8

If you are going to be the Chief, it helps to have thick skin.

Zen Zone #7

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People process change differently and we must recognize and acknowledge the dynamics of change.

Zen Zone #6

How committed are you?

Zen Zone #5

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Put ideas together today.

Zen Zone #4

Don’t waste your opportunities.

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