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Time To Get Uncomfortable

I harbor serious concerns when individuals with the responsibility to protect the vulnerable underestimate risk and disaster comes calling.

Going From Here To There

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I want to know and expose best practices for those who are in the path of growing into leadership and change management.

The Culture of Hate

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Individuals don’t have time to think; they want to be told what to think.

The Just

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Leaders don’t always have the answers, but a good leader knows where to get them.

America Burning – A Belated 40th Birthday Wish

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Many of you weren’t even alive when this report hit the stations (maybe even some of your parents weren’t either), but it was a very graphic expose of what we faced.

Confusing the Message – My Apology

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It has become apparent to me that an apology is in order for more reasons than one.

No Trash Talking – Follow Up

Research conducted by a number of sources found the application of exterior streams on compartment fires did not “push” fire, either onto victims or throughout a building.

We Can’t Know What We Don’t Know

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How can we expect anything less when it is the only existence they know?

Who Really Is The Face of Terrorism?

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I believe in peace and I believe in perspectives, but I’m afraid I’m not a pacifist.

The Measuring Contest

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“How many FIRES do you get in a year?”

Reminding You of Why We Are Here

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I am reminded of a firefighter saying to me once, “Why do we go to these calls? They aren’t emergencies.”

Unsafe Until Proven Otherwise

If you can PREVENT an incident from going bad, you need to.


Children want to manipulate and squirm their agenda through any manner of pleading, puppy eyes, and hugs.


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Courage is a commitment to something bigger than yourself.


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The storm of change is coming and no matter how hard the sparrow beats his wings, he can’t stop the rising winds.

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